AFINet Webinar Series

20th October 2020, 2:00 pm UK time

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In Their Own Right: Family Members Affected by Alcohol and other Drug Misuse / Gambling

Professor Richard Velleman
Emeritus Professor of Mental Health Research, University of Bath, Bath UK Co-Director, Addictions Research Group, Sangath, Goa, India

Professor Velleman will examine the evidence-base showing that family members of people with alcohol or other drug or gambling problem are often badly affected by their relative’s problems. He will show how this evidence led to the creation of the ‘Stress-Strain-Coping-Support’ Model - a useful model for understanding the impact that other people’s addiction problems have on Affected Family Members. And he will then outline the ‘5-Step Method’, one evidence-based method to help these Affected Family Members.

This first AFINet Webinar will be followed by the AFINet AGM (Annual General Meeting).


A link to a recording of this AFINet Webinar (and to subsequent AFINet Webinars) will be available on the AFINet website following each Webinar.

This is the first of a new AFINet Webinar series. AFINet is a free-to-join Network, providing a platform which:

· brings together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners;

· promotes the well-being of family members, friends and colleagues who are affected by or concerned about another person’s problems with or addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling; and

· develops research, policy and practice in the field.


Further AFINet Webinars will be advertised on the AFINet website in due course.

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