Our aims

The A-Clinic Foundation is a non-governmental organization and a non-profit service provider operating in Finland. It’s treatment and rehabilitation services, substance abuse prevention and expert services help to reduce substance abuse and other psychosocial problems. The central office is involved in national and international activities in the fields of prevention, information, development and training. The NGO activities are mainly funded by grants from The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).  

Fragile Childhood has started at A-Clinic Foundation in 1986 as a series of projects and is nowadays a permanent form of work. It has persistently sought new innovative ways to prevent and diminish harms caused to children due to adult’s excessive drinking.

At Fragile Childhood, we:

- Provide direct support and help (mainly online) to young people and adults who suffer from parental alcohol abuse; 

- Train and motivate professionals who work with children, young people & families to meet the needs for help & support; 

- Raise awareness in society (through social media presence, campaigning) and;

- Increase the child (and childhood) sensitivity in the treatment services. 

Shadow World is a web service maintained by Fragile Childhood targeted for young, 12−22 year olds. It provides 10−12 weeks professionally guided anonymous online peer support groups, counselling service and 1 to 1 chats. Shadow World has gained a European Commission E-Inclusion Award in 2009. (www.varjomaailma.fi/english)