Lydia game will be released on Nintendo Switch

A-Clinic Foundation 3 January 2020

Part of the funds generated by a special DLC called #LydiaDonation DLC will be directed to Fragile Childhood of the A-Clinic Foundation

Part of the funds generated by a special DLC called #LydiaDonation DLC will be directed to  Fragile Childhood of the A-Clinic Foundation

Game Lydia developed by a Finnish gaming company Platonic Partnership is coming available in Nintendo Switch on January 17th. The underlying theme in Lydia is the child’s perspective on parental substance abuse. Lydia is the interactive tale of a girl who lives with alcoholic parents., the international distributor of Lydia for Nintendo Switch, is channeling net revenues from extra purchases made in Lydia for A-Clinical Foundation's Fragile Childhood. Mikaël Bourget, CEO of, tells he was impressed by Fragile Childhood’s film Monsters and their awareness raising work, even worldwide.

“We are delighted that our collaboration with Platonic Partnership and Alko is continuing to this new direction with”, says Minna Ilva, Project manager of the A-Clinical Foundation's Fragile Childhood. "With donations, we can expand our work to reduce harms caused to children from parental alcohol abuse."

Lydia’s story reveals, how parental alcohol abuse feels strange and scary from a child’s point of view. Alko (the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly in Finland) has previously produced a free mobile version of Lydia as part of it’s In the company of children -responsibility programme.

Theme of the game is quite exceptional and has already received international media attention. Washington post: “This child’s tale deals skillfully with adult issues”. In 2017, Lydia won the Creative Game of the Year Award at the Finnish Game Awards and was also awarded the Finnish Game of the Year.


#Lydiadonation, watch trailer  

More information:
Minna Ilva, Project Manager, Fragile Childhood, A-Clinic Foundation, tel +358 44 353 4932
Mikaël Bourget, CEO, Games Publishing, mikael[at]

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Lydia-game is released on 17 January 2020 in Nintendo Switch eShop >
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