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Let's make childhood memories better together

Let's make childhood memories better together

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About us

Initiated in 1986, Fragile Childhood activity at A-clinic Foundation has persistently sought new and efficient methods to secure a less troubled life for children who suffer from the adverse effects of parental alcohol use. For children, and particularly, for young people, Fragile Childhood runs online service Shadow World.

Tools and information are produced for professionals who work with children and adolescents. Fragile Childhood reaches professionals from day care, school, secondary education, universities, health care, social work and so on.

Fragile Childhood is most famous for its campaigns on promoting responsible parenthood when it comes to consuming alcohol. A common misconception is that only serious problem drinking can harm a child. Fragile Childhood emphasizes the child’s point of view and prioritizes the child’s needs. What kind of home and family would a child choose is he/she could?

The Fragile Childhood personnel consists of three full time workers with educational and professional background in social policy, sociology and mental health. Fragile Childhood`s visible and well known campaigns (such as Monsters and The Orphanage) are designed in co-operation with media agencies. Campaigns have reached multi-million audience and they have received numerous media awards nationally and internationally. (See below)

As of 2016 Fragile Childhood obtained permanent funding from Slot Machine Association (now STEA) and can now trust in the longevity of the work. Fragile Childhood has also participated in various pan-European projects of the European Commission. The work of Fragile Childhood has served as an example for the activity of the trans-European ENCARE network which strives to help children living in risk environments. 

The President of Finland Sauli Niinistö is the patron of Fragile Childhood.


Selected Acknowledgments:

EACA Care Awards Grand Prix (the winner was chosen by the Members of the European Parliament as well as by communications, media and marketing professionals)

United Nations Department of Information Award at New York Festivals;  Finalist (2015) Fragile Childhood “Orphanage”

Berlin Short Film Festival Gold, Viral Video (2013) Fragile Childhood “Monsters”

Cannes International Festival of Creativity, Gold, Health, Education and Awareness (2014) Fragile Childhood “Monsters”

Golden Awards Montreux  Finalist (2013) Fragile Childhood “Monsters”

Voitto-mainoselokuvakilpailu (competition for audiovisual advertising; winner of the public vote and the Non-profit and Cultural category); Gold 2012 Orphanage, Gold 2015 Monsters 

Grand One ‘13 digital media competition (the Main Prize and a win in the Viral category); Grand Prix (2013) Fragile Childhood “Monsters”, Gold, Best Viral (2015) Fragile Childhood “Orphanage”

Media Finlandia Grand Prix, Print Series (2011) Fragile Childhood “Voice for a Child”

Act Responsible Selection (2011) Fragile Childhood “Voice for a Child” 

2008 European Commission e-Inclusion Award for "Shadow World" concept